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90-Day Transformational Programs

Empowering teenagers to find clarity and focus in all aspects of their lives.


Empowerment Coaching Program for Teens

This is the area where you set yourself up for INEVITABLE SUCCESS. Learn how to navigate your way through the many avenues in life and how to ask for what you want. Learn Mindfulness techniques to lower your stress and anxiety and have better relationships and healthy communication skills.


Personal Training Virtual Program for Teens

Meet with me weekly for an awesome Personal Training session where you choose what areas of your body need the most attention. I will devise a program based on your physical needs and guide you through with specific exercises and stretching techniques. Some equipment is necessary.


Health & Wellness Coaching Program for Teens

This is the area where you focus on the Mind and Body. Maybe you need to lose weight or just eat healthier. Maybe you just need to know the basics of Learning Healthy Habits and sustaining them. We will have fun planning meals and devising ways to get you moving more.


Empowerment, Health & Wellness and Personal Training for Teens

This is a combo program that alternates between Coaching and Training. In the off weeks of one you will be guided by action steps for the other, which is kind of like that ugly word HOMEWORK.

Interested in a program?

Referral Program

When you refer someone to one of my programs, you can get a FREE gift of your choice:

🎁 1 virtual 30 minute Personal Training session 

🎁 3 day Personal exercise plan 

🎁 3 day Reboot Cleanse 

🎁 3 day 5 minute guided meditation 

🎁 3 day Nutrition plan

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

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